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Detective Agency

A two-for-one event as your guests become members of our detective agency, assisting the local Police Department to solve crimes and also with MI5’s hunt for Bond..Unsolved!

How it works


A murder has gone unsolved, and the culprit is still at large, the force are getting no closer to finding out who the murderer is, and the case is getting cold. Before the file is shut forever, we need you to step in and solve this mystery.

Each team will be issued with all the police files containing an overview of the challenge they face, suspect statements and a map of the crime scene. Can you solve the Unsolved?

Our Spy is Missing.

Then we take your guests into the dangerous world of espionage, 007 may or may not be on his most dangerous mission yet. Unfortunately, whilst on this mission, somewhere in Europe, our agents have lost contact with him. Where he has gone is a mystery.

This event will test a team's communication and problem-solving skills, your guests will all need to work together as they delve into files and share the relevant pieces of information to help crack both challenges.


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