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Behind Enemy Lines

This is a fun and engaging team building challenge where teams are put through a series of espionage focused exercises in order to graduate from ‘Spy School’. Your guests (secret agents) will be split into teams and will take part in a series of soft skilled ‘missions’ to see if they are fit to defend ‘Queen & Country’.

Rest assured trainees will be spared the terror of anything too daunting. At the end, all teams come together in a grand finale – a rocket launch where they have to destroy the enemy’s headquarters with a water powered missile.

How it works

Some of the team building missions you could be faced with include:


You have found yourselves deep in enemy territory and your only way of escape is through this minefield. But can you escape in time and without setting any of the mines off?

Military manoeuvers

Your whole squad has to navigate across some inhospitable terrain and a fast flowing river (imaginary!) in order to retrieve some valuable information that you must not let fall into enemy hands.

Bomb disposal

Working as fearless bomb disposal experts you have to dis-arm and make safe a bomb. Using information that you’ve captured from a double agent you have just 30 minutes to succeed – failure is not an option.

War Zone – cyber tag

Armed with a computerised ‘infra-red’ gun you will be deployed to our ‘war zone’ where you are tasked with taking-out the enemy. A bit like paint-balling, but without the pain!  Highly competitive and superb fun!

Unarmed combat – axe throwing

It’s you versus the enemy. Our skilled trainer will quickly show you the techniques you must learn in order to master this ancient art of hunting and warfare.

Final mission – rocket launch

Each team is given an identical set of raw materials and instructions from ‘HQ’ as to how to create their water-fuelled missile. Their target is about 50m away and their last mission is to destroy the enemy’s headquarters. Only the best teams stand a chance of graduating!

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