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This is about as interactive as any show can get. Not only do teams have to bet on the right answers, but they will on occasions be invited to stage their own challenges. Our version of Banzai is completely mad and is more like a comedy show than anything else.

How it works

There will be a series of rounds – teams have to bet on the outcome of various propositions. These will either be projected onto a giant screen or acted out live in the room by guests themselves! The bids are all on terribly important stuff some of which could be especially themed for you – along with more “traditional” challenges such as whether St George can beat the Dragon or how many chocolate cakes the stuntman can clear in his shopping trolley! All kinds of topics of importance are considered in this Japanese-orientated madcap “betting sensation-type thing”.

Tables will be supplied with themed Japanese table numbers/centres & jokers can be played to potentially double points on a chosen round. Additionally, the stage/screen is flanked with Japanese-style screens. Hanging silk completes the effect.

Bets are placed at our “Happy Chappy” bookmakers, where our unscrupulous bean counter isn’t quite as straight as he should be!

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