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Back in the Old West

Take your “pardner” by the hand as you reel your way through an activity day of good, bad and ugly proportions! It’s the turn of the century on the American Western frontier.

The Wild West is a place of few laws but the local sheriff is endeavouring to maintain order. Today, however, is your chance for some fun. Spirits are running high as rumours have spread that Klondike Jake has struck gold in ‘them thar hills!’

How it works

The programme is based around a series of “Wild West” themed fun activities, culminating in a head-to-head Grand Finale between all teams.

This is a great team activity which is a bit like a Wild West version of  “Crystal Maze meets Krypton Factor” but for teams. There can be a “physical“ element to all of the games; a “skill” element and a “mental” element too. ALL of the challenges involve a lot of laughter. Every instructor is highly experienced in the corporate event field and can fire enthusiasm in even the most reserved group.

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