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Alternative Olympics

A very popular competitive outdoor team building event with challenges unlike any other sporting event you will have seen before or likely to experience again!

Being run as a structured competition, our range of superb unusual sports challenges are guaranteed to keep your guests highly entertained all throughout. These are run in a continuous and hilarious fashion. It is important that the events are all inclusive and not just for elite sports people. so these activities certainly level the playing field!

From space hopper football and dodgeball through to Sumo penalty shoot-out, your teams will aim to win as many head to head challenges as possible to score valuable points.

Not all challenges have to be solely sporting - we can provide a few more skill based challenges such as cata-hats, giant pairs, towers of Hanoi and bean bag shootout.

Before the end we will bring all the teams together for one final, highly entertaining competition. We have a number of excellent grand finale activities from a great egg launch or obstacle run right through to launching a water powered rocket or charging down the field on giant grass skis. All resulting in a fun and hilarious finale to determine the overall winner.

How it works

The group is divided into an even number of teams for the competition and the Compere takes all through a brief warm up prior to the start.  With 10 points on offer for a win 5 points for a draw and absolutely nothing if you lose – a competitive event is guaranteed.

There are plenty of laughs to be had as teams struggle with space hoppers or balls in a bucket.  The event is always finished off with a grand finale where all teams come together for a head to head challenge.

Typical Challenges Include:

  • Space Hopper Footie
  • Giant Grass Ski races
  • Sumo Penalty Challenge
  • Ball in a bucket
  • Giant Pairs
  • Olympic balls
  • Towers of Hanoi
  • Volleyball
  • Chariots
  • Dodgeball
  • Welly wanging
  • Caber tossing



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