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Conference Production Drumming Finale

Conference Production Company Provides Team Building Finale – With Drums!

As a conference production company, we manage and implement many conferences for our clients, large and small. Sometimes, however, we simply get involved with the end of conference finale, as with this client, who wanted something a bit different and fun to round off a week of meetings. A drumming session was chosen, and it certainly got everyone working together on the same beat!

Background to this Event

The event took place on 6th July, 2018. We were called upon by our client to provide a ‘fitting finale’ for their 60 delegates who had attended a week-long conference at the magnificent Rushton Hall in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. We knew that after a week of meetings something active and fun, with a team building element, was what was needed. Fortunately, our client had an exclusive hire of the venue, so anything that was going to make a bit of noise wasn’t a problem.

We set to the planning, and several programmes were discussed, three of which came quite close to being selected:

  • Performing a Maori Haka. This would have been led by traditional Maori warriors, fully dressed for the occasion.
  • Masterpiece Creation. This is an enduring favourite. Delegates are grouped together into small teams and are tasked with painting a small part of a well-known bigger masterpiece picture. All the parts are pieced together at the end to reveal the whole.
  • Outside the Box. With this challenge, the teams must earn as much money as they can in a limited space of time by performing various tasks to the satisfaction of the facilitators. Always great fun

A Drumming Finale was Chosen

After much discussion and debate, a drumming session was selected, with all of the delegates involved, as it was felt this was the best way for the conference to end on a real high. You can see from the picture that this was no ordinary drumming session.

Performed in the new hotel’s new Orangery area, the event did not disappoint. Everyone got involved and the cacophony of sound produced by the three sections of the drum orchestra provided a fitting climax to a week of conferences.

What the client said:
"Witnessing Bright Vision in action at the end of the 5-day conference was mind blowing. The Drumming event was high energy and the perfect way to end the conference on a high note. Well done Bright Vision Events."
Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa

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