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QuizMania – Perfectly Different Corporate Evening Entertainment

Why the Client Chose QuizMania

The client was the Network Group, the UK’s leading Technology Community. As a members’ group, they aim to bring forward-looking tech people together to improve themselves and their businesses, and to bring value to their members.

Corporate evening entertainment events are an important way for their members to meet up and interact on an informal basis, and on this occasion, they chose the wonderful Chesford Grange Hotel near Kenilworth in Warwickshire as their venue.

The client contacted us with a requirement of an evening entertainment event that was different from the “norm!” As they explained, they had done standard “Pub quizzes” many times in the past and wanted something quiz based that offered much more as well.

Giraffe building

Our QuizMania evening entertainment event was the ‘perfectly different’ solution.

QuizMania is one of our most popular evening events. It has a great deal of flexibility and variety and can easily be tailored to the specific requirements of a client. Although its routes lie in quizzes, it is not a traditional quiz, and is more of an interactive game show. As we say,

‘QuizMania is a potpourri of all the best participation games you’ve ever played or heard of! It is energetic, frenetic, very colourful and VERY funny!’ as the Network Group found out.

What the client said:
"We’ve had great feedback about the QuizMania event for our corporate evening entertainment activity. It was much better than the usual ‘pub quiz’ done in the past. There was a good mix of questions and a nice variety of styles of rounds."
Network Group

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