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Our Creative Team Building Activities are the Icing on the Cake

Corporate Event Management for Swim England: Conference Production, Gala Dinner and Creative Team Building Activities

This testimonial from Swim England shows that 3 into 1 really does go! Our corporate event management skills at their recent conference, team building and gala dinner day, helped ensure everything went to plan and resulted in a happy client. The icing on the cake was the team building activity. This took place between the Conference and the evening gala dinner and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

The Details of this Event

The Conference Stage

The event took place in the Royal Suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham on 10th and 11th May 2017. There were 200 delegates in attendance for Swim England’s biggest and most important of the year. To ensure everything went smoothly, we provided a crew of 12 – 6 in the audio visual team for the conference and gala evening dinner elements and 6 for the team building activities.

The conference production included two external speakers, with lots of video content and slides. The evening consisted of an awards ceremony rewarding staff for their excellent performance over the last year. The star of the show, however, was the indoor team building activity that we delivered in the afternoon.

‘Masterpiece Creation’ was Chosen from our Range of Creative Team Building Activities

For the indoor team building activity, we delivered our Masterpiece Creation event. Here, the teams must replicate a small portion of a much larger Masterpiece picture. Each team has a different portion to complete. When all the teams have completed their portion, the real fun starts as the ‘Masterpiece’ is assembled. In this case, the pressure was on because the masterpiece was an image of the client’s choosing, with the end product to be displayed in the reception back at head office.

Masterpiece Creation in Action

24 teams meant that the end picture was made up of 24 canvasses all individually painted by the teams, who only knew what their own section looked like. This meant that no one knew what the end result would look like. This is what makes Masterpiece Creation the ultimate team building activity. It requires creativity and good communication and team work within each team as well as collaborative work between teams to get to a quality end result.

The finale was a mixture of fun and tension as all 24 portions were brought together for the first time. Would the result be good enough to take pride of place in reception? With a 5 metre long x 3 metres high canvass, there would be no hiding place.

What the client said:
"Thank you - the team did a great job and everything went to plan from your side. I appreciate the support you guys gave us. I thought the Masterpiece was an excellent project and the actual artwork came out better than I expected!"
Swim England

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