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Live Studio Virtual Conference for Norgine

“Thank you, Bright Vision! The result exceeded our expectations. This won’t be the last Live Virtual Conference we do.”

Norgine, a leading European specialist Pharmaceutical company, has been a valued client of ours for 10 years, and for all of those years we have delivered their annual UK conference. This year was different of course, with the need to deliver their first truly virtual conference.

One of the key differences with virtual conferences is that a big venue to accommodate a live audience is not needed. However, a place to deliver the conference from is still needed, and it all needs to be set-up to the same exacting standards as a traditional conference. In this instance, our team got back on the road and set off to the Crowne Plaza hotel in Gerrard’s Cross, Hertfordshire in November 2020 to set up a studio complete with separate control room, storage and green rooms providing everything the client could possibly need. This testimonial tells the story of how we delivered everything as specified, resulting in a very successful virtual conference.

The details of this virtual conference

A huge amount of planning and effort gores into a virtual conference. This was a 3 day show and a truly international event with a virtual audience from all over the world and with presenters dialling in from 10 different time zones! Virtual logistics were critical, therefore, and we had an incredibly strong on-site team of 10 technicians to deliver.

To ensure social distancing, this solution included 4 remote PTZ cameras, which meant that no technical crew were required in the studio. With our control room set up in a room adjacent to the studio, we could guarantee a safe and Covid secure production for the client. Other key elements included:

  • The set featured a branded wrapped graphic with an in built 75” LED screen to allow the presenters to interact with remote presenters live.
  • Presenters had a suite of monitors to support them, including current slide, next slide, notes, timing and also the live stream.
  • 16 remote presenters were brought into the stream via VMIX whilst also integrating with the 4 key presenters onsite.
  • Show content was complimented with bespoke lower thirds, animations and graphics that were all produced prior to arrival onsite.
  • A graphic theme flowed throughout the event, from invitations and registration, though microsite, set graphics and stream animations.
  • The microsite was built with breakout rooms to allow for syndicate sessions and face to face discussions to occur during the show.
  • Q&As were moderated via our do app and dedicated panel sessions addressed questions raised.
  • All 3 days were recorded for OnDemand viewing after the show.
What the client said:
"“I love working with Ben and the team at Bright Vision- always friendly, calm and over deliver. This was a big step for us, the result exceeded even our expectations. For our next virtual event you will be the first people I call!"
Norgine (Pharmaceuticals)

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