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How to be Ranked ‘Utterly Amazing’ for Creative Team Building Activities

Testimonial from Relex – Unified Retail Planning Solutions

Client testimonials are hugely important to all businesses, especially today, when customer service and quality are more important than ever. So, we were delighted when our client, Relex, a leader in unified retail planning solutions, rated our provision of a range of creative team building activities as ‘Utterly Amazing’ at their recent event. In this article we publish the full testimonial and how we were able to be given such an excellent rating.

Best of all, of course, is the final comment that they will be back in the future, because that means we have a loyal customer, which means everything.

Last Man Standing

The Details of the event

The event took place at the wonderful Wroxall Abbey Hotel & Estate, in Warwickshire, Dec 2019, with 60 guests taking part.

Our brief was to recommend and implement a series of creative indoor team building activities that were designed to meet everybody’s capabilities and expectations whilst also being competitive and fun.

The activity selected was our Indoor Alternative Olympics which features mental agility challenges, physical games, competitive sports and the need for good communication skills – as well as lots of giant inflatables!


The 5 activities were:

  • Towers of Hanoi
  • Space hopper football
  • Olympic Balls
  • Cat-a-hats
  • Last man standing

The guests were divided into 8 teams and the competition was intense as they went head to head. The finale, which decided the winners was the ever-popular Duck Launch. The pictures show how much fun was had.

Space Hopper Football

The Ingredients of Success

The success of any event is always down to the preparation and planning, which usually starts months in advance. We worked closely with the team at Wroxall Abbey to make sure everything worked smoothly on the day and to maximise the potential of their permanent marquee. This was an important consideration in the choice of venue as it was able to accommodate the wide range of activities that comprised the Alternative Olympics.

On the day itself, of course, it’s all down to the team on the ground, and as the client said, they were really impressed with how well everything was organised. This is exactly as it should be as good organisation means the guests simply enjoy themselves without noticing us!

What the client said:
"I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you and your team for everything. The feedback from our staff has been utterly amazing, they were so impressed with how organised the games were and how much understanding your team had of our brief."
Relex – Unified Retail Planning Solutions

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