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High End Conference Management Services for Norgine

In this testimonial from Norgine, the leading European specialist pharmaceutical company, we detail the Conference Management Services work we did to guarantee that their European senior management meeting was a great success. It was a high end-event, with a small but important audience, where our conference management services needed to be of the highest possible standard.

The Details of this Conference

Conferences come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they are all equally important us and, of course, our clients. In this case, Norgine contracted us to manage and produce a 2-day meeting for their European senior management team. 60 delegates attended.

The Conference Stage

The event took place at the Marriott Hotel, Heathrow, on 12th and 13th of November, with set-up taking place on 11th November. The most important element was the fact that the conference was being filmed for worldwide distribution after the event. This meant that our Audio-Visual solution, which is always of paramount importance at any conference, had to be perfect throughout.

Our Headline Audio Visual Solution

The planning for any event is crucial to ensure everything works perfectly on the day. Our audio-visual solution for Norgine’s senior management conference comprised:

  • An 8-man crew consisting of 3 crew for the set and stage build and 5 crew for the live show. The crew included: A Production Manager/Show Caller, a Video and Graphics Technician, a Sound Engineer, a Lighting Technician and a Videographer/Photographer.
  • A Bespoke Set, housing a 16:9 back projection screen and LED tape in recesses providing depth and effects
  • A Bespoke stage including a ramp and a branded lectern
  • High definition projection from a 20,000 lumens laser projector
  • Multiple presenter screens to include current slide, next slide, notes and timing screens
  • Digital audio solution to include a 24-channel desk, a 6-speaker system with 2 additional sub speakers and 10 radio microphones
  • A digital lighting solution that used only LED fixtures across the whole event, including: 12 LED set batten up-lighters, 24 wireless LED up-lighters around the room. 8 x LED generic stage lights and 10 LED moving lights for moving effects and to bring the room to life
  • Filming of event, with over-night editing to produce a highlights video for worldwide distribution. All sessions were recorded for future playback
  • Event photography of the whole event

As you can see, the audio visual solution really was top-end, and made possible by our continued investment in state of the art av equipment.

What the client said:
"A huge thank you to you and the team from me for all the hard work, flexibility and making the 'show' appear so seamless. You were all incredibly professional, helpful and proactive - not just over the 2.5 days but also in the build up too."
Norgine (Pharmaceutical)

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