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Full Conference Production and Management Support for Camelot

Full Conference Production and Management Support: Ice-Breakers, Team Building and Evening Theming

It’s got to the stage with our much valued and long-standing client Camelot that they no longer give us testimonials for the conference production and management services we supply them with. Truth is, the fact that they keep on coming back to us year on year is testimonial enough, because it must mean that we keep on delivering.

In this case study, we report on our latest conference production for Camelot, which along with the conference and audio-visual package, also featured venue findingice-breaker sessionsteam building and theming for the evening part of the conference.

The Location of the Conference

We are often asked by clients to recommend venues for their conference, a service which we provide free of charge. In this case, we recommended the magnificent and centrally located Sir Bobby Robson Suite at Hilton St. George’s Park, Burton on Trent, for Camelot’s sales conference on 14th and 15th May 2019. St. George’s Park has many attributes for conferences, not least it’s capacity to hold large conferences, such as this one, where there were 200 guests.

The Conference Set

The Conference Production and Audio-Visual Package

The audio-visual package is fundamental to any conference production. If people can’t see or hear the conference clearly, then impact is lost and the message is not communicated. It’s an area that we consistently invest in to make sure we always have state of the art equipment to deliver the best possible results.

With a conference of this scale we needed a crew of 7 for the live show plus 3 more for the build and breakdown. The audio-visual package comprised:

  • A bespoke set and stage with LED tape embedded into the set – which allowed some really nice lighting effects and colours – and 2 x 3D Camelot logos for maximum impact.
  • 20,000 lumen laser projectors for the main screen.
  • A 10 speaker PA system with a 32 channel digital sound desk supported by 10 ways of radio mics, including lapel, handheld, headset and catch box microphones.
  • 6 Macbooks controlled all screen and presenter content via our Barco video processors, including all slides, videos, live voting, timing screens and note screens for the presenters.
  • The lighting set up consisted of a dynamic lighting package flown across 2 lines of trussing on stage and plinths. In addition, 16 moving lights provided the wow factor with LED battens and LED zoom pars up-lighting the set and a further 24 wireless LED uplights around the edges of the room.

As you can see, we really went to down on the audio-visual package to make sure the key messages were communicated effectively.

The Maori Haka Ice-Breaker

The conference itself started with an ice-breaker to ensure all the delegates felt welcomed and git them in the right frame of mind for the conference. Camelot chose the Maori Haka Ice Breaker from our short list. Guests start by learning the history of the Haka and seeing how it is performed by the experts. It all finishes, of course, with the guests performing a Haka to the Maori – great fun!

The Maori Haka in Full Swing

After the Conference Came the Team Building Activity and the Evening Activities

Team building activities often play an important role at sales conferences as it is rare for all the sales team to be all together in one place at one time. For this conference, one of our newest and most popular team building activities was chosen – the Escape Room, which went down superbly well, as teams worked out the clues to be the first to escape from the room.

Finally came the room theming for the evening meal and entertainment. The theming was focused on Martini glass table centres with lily vases on an LED up lit base, which delivered a spectacular effect.

What the client said:
"A great deal of time and effort went into this conference production, and just like a good referee in a football match, if all goes well, no-one knows he or she is there. Which is just how we like it. All went smoothly. Thank you."

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