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Creative Team Building Activities – KODAK Lens

KODAK Lens Were Delighted with The Escape Room for Their Creative Team Building Activity

KODAK Lens, the leaders in innovative lens technology, challenged us to come up with a range of creative team building activities for them to choose from. The event was due to take place on Sunday 18th November 2018, the day before the start of their major conference at the Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel in Meriden near Birmingham. Their brief stated that it should last no longer than an hour and would need to work for a group of up to 80 delegates. Above all the challenge to us was that it had to be fun!

The Escape Room was the Answer to the Challenge

At Bright Vision Events we specialise in delivering creative team building activities for our clients. As a result, we felt that one of our newest activities would be perfect for KODAK Lens’ team – The Escape Room.

What is The Escape Room?

The Escape Room is our take on the popular phenomenon of the same name that originated in Japan in the late 2000s. Team mates must solve clues and riddles so they can escape from a locked room. We thought it would be the perfect activity to get the delegates to relax and, therefore, get ready for the conference the following day.

  • KODAK Lens’ delegates were set the task of trying to escape from their virtual escape room in under 60 minutes.
  • The scene was set, the clock was ticking, the room was suitably back-lit, and the challenge began.
  • To add some drama, all teams were members of Elliot Ness’s Untouchables. They were faced with a variety of locked boxes and conundrums that they had to solve before they could escape.

This focused the minds of the teams wonderfully, as they all worked together to beat the clock.

The Winning Team

The winning team achieved a very creditable ‘escape time’ of 50 minutes. This was rounded down to a truly excellent 35 minutes 15 seconds after bonuses were taken into account. Medals were awarded, and the victors celebrated with a well-earned drink.

Everyone had a great time and, as a result, it meant that the conference got off to a good start!

What the client said:
"The team building event was a great success this year. Thank you to you and your team for making it enjoyable!"

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