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Conference Production and Management for Wernick Hire

Sometimes a conference can take a long time to plan before it actually takes place. This one for Wernick Hire, part of the Wernick Group of companies proves the point. This is because the whole conference production and management process took nearly two years. Attention to detail is everything when it comes to delivering successful conferences. In this case, the planning included several site visits and a number of pre-production meetings. As a result we are delighted that everything went well and that the client gave us the testimonial below.

Details of our Conference Production and Management Services for This Client

This job was a full event management one. It featured a conference in the morning and team building activities in the afternoon. An awards ceremony with evening entertainment followed after the dinner. Wernick Hire are the largest independent hirer of modular and portable accommodation in Britain, so as always, making sure that everything worked perfectly on the day was vital.

The event took place on 10th June 2016 at the Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa in Warwickshire, with a large audience of 120 people. Our work for the conference in the morning included the Audio Visual set-up, video production and supporting the preparations of the guest speakers (as well as being on hand if anything went wrong – it didn’t!).

In the afternoon we set-up and built a 12 team Labyrinth team building event outside on the hotel’s lawns. Labyrinth is one of our most popular team building events, and features a series of physical and intellectual challenges in the style of the “Crystal Maze” or “The Krypton Factor”. Each Labyrinth event is different and personalise to the requirements of our clients. An exciting grand finale is always guaranteed.

Finally in the evening after the dinner, we implemented an awards ceremony. This was followed by a  a ‘night at the races’ evening of entertainment with all theming provided.

What the client said:
"We couldn’t have made it THE conference, team build, evening event and seminar to remember without your amazing team. The characters and personalities of the game leaders were fantastic and really helped with the spirit of the day."
Wernick Hire Limited

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