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Company Team Building Event Hits the Mark

How a Company Team Building Event for NFU Mutual Really ‘Hit the Mark’

Bright Vision Events were called in to run a company team building event for a small group from NFU Mutual at Walton Hall, near Stratford upon Avon, on 12th July, 2019. We were challenged by the client to deliver relevant and targeted activities that would ensure the group got the most out of the session and also provide detailed feedback & observations that would assist in improving the group’s overall performance when back in the office. This testimonial details the results we got, the feedback we gave and why the client felt the event had ‘really hit the mark.’

The Client Was Delighted With the ‘Added Value’ Outcome

The Labyrinth, our most popular and versatile company team building challenge, was chosen because it was likely to be the most effective at providing useful feedback on the various behaviours of the participants. Exactly what the client wanted.

The event was a great success with both teams enjoying the challenges and entering into the contest with a lot of energy. The client was delighted.

We Provided Detailed Feedback, as Requested

The following is a brief synopsis of the event that we sent to the team at NFU Mutual, which demonstrates how the teams worked together and improved their level of performance as the day progressed.

“The group were all prepared and motivated for the afternoon Labyrinth Challenge. Whilst enthusiasm is always to be encouraged, thoughtfulness is also an attribute that we look for.

The challenges are designed to reflect a group working together as a team to solve the conundrums presented to them in the best possible way.

At the outset one of the teams, whilst being enthusiastic, didn’t cooperate and use the other members as effectively as they might have done.

However, by the end of the challenges both teams were using their resources more and more productively. The ability to communicate by listening improved significantly as the afternoon progressed. 

The message that comes through clearly from such an improvement is that whilst effective leadership needs to take place to start the actions that are required to succeed, and using the team’s resources/talents constructively is always the best way forward, the cooperation yielded better & better results as the afternoon progressed.”

What the client said:
"The guys all really enjoyed themselves and I really feel it added value to the team, so thank you very much. Friday night was good with conversations on how to best launch an egg continuing long after the event."
NFU Mutual

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