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Awards Ceremony Case Study from Solve Legal

“We Simply Couldn’t do This Without You” …. Event Management and Production to a Tight 24-Hour Timetable

As an event management and production company, we come up against all types of different challenges, including this one where the challenge was an extremely tight timescale for an awards ceremony.

Efficiency and professionalism are always key for us, and they were especially needed here where we had to get into the venue, set up, rehearse, deliver the show and then pack up and get out………… all within 24 hours

The Details of This Event

The event was Solve Legal’s “The British Wills and Probate Awards” for 2019, which was held in the prestigious Woodlands Suite at the Belfry Hotel and Resort, near Sutton Coldfield, on Thursday 17th October 2019.

It was a large event that attracted c.250 guests from across the country and was hosted by the BBC’s former royal correspondent Jennie Bond.

As with all award ceremonies of this type, it was essential to get the audio-visual set-up completely right. It’s an area that we invest in consistently to ensure we always have state of the art equipment to call upon.

The AV Solution comprised:

  • A bespoke Awards Set including twin screens and star cloth backdrop. The set panels included glitter stars.
  • A 5m x 2m stage with branded lectern.
  • All ceiling trussing which flew 2 x 10k laser projectors, 8 stage lights and speakers.
  • An 8 speaker PA system controlled by a 24-channel digital sound desk, including 6 x radio microphones and 2 x lectern microphones.
  • 24 x wireless LED up-lighters, 8 x stage lights and 12 x set battens produced the lighting, all of which was controlled by a digital lighting desk.
  • 2 x 10k projectors, comfort monitors, 2 x show laptops for slides and a MacBook with playback pro for videos. All of these were controlled by our video switcher.
  • Theming was provided by 25 x Martini Glass Table centres, each controlled by LED up-lighters to ensure the table centres looked stunning.

In total an AV crew of 8 was required: 4 technical crew and 4 additional crew for set and stage installation. A further 2 crew were needed for the theming side of things.

What the client said:
"Thank you for your professionalism and patience on the day and also on the run up, we have nothing but positive feedback and are excited to hear more of your ideas for next year’s awards! We simply can’t do this without you!"
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