Motorised Experience Days and Activities

Our motorised experience days are always popular and guaranteed to add some adrenalin to any day. Here are just some of our motorised activities:

Segway Racing
Forget all previous motorised experiences; riding a segway is a unique and thrilling experience. Segway racing is the latest motorised craze that offers a new dimension to an already popular theme.

Single seater hovercrafts on a grass circuit. It really takes some control to turn a corner.

Blindfold Driving
Where your colleagues will be responsible for guiding you blindfolded around a course – a superb trust exercise!

Powerturn 411
A challenging vehicle with twin 200cc engine. Co-ordination is the name of the game here. When both levers are fully forward the Powerturn zips along at up to 30mph, but if one lever is pushed too far forward the vehicle turns 360 degrees. Combines speed, skill & co-ordination into an exciting blend. We have both single seater & twin seater options, where each driver has responsibility for half the vehicle…!

Fast Offroad Drift Karts

A fast-moving, dune-buggy-like four-wheeler which sees you strapped into a safety cage as you race around the course. These 400cc beasts have both front and rear suspension, which is needed when you’re racing around our specially designed off road course. The karts are designed to drift/oversteer on the bends thus this combines skill with speed in a challenge which will satisfy even the most competitive “red mist syndrome” guests, with time trials to establish the best of the best.

We also offer the Petrol Heads amongst you the chance to drive everything from Ferraris and Formula 1 style racing cars on track, to rally cars off track.

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