Themed Event Testimonial for Annual Conference

Bright Vision Provides an All Day Themed Event for Edmond Shipway

This testimonial is from the construction consultants Edmond Shipway for our work in providing them with a themed event to support their annual conference, following on from a similar job we did for them last year. The event lasted all day and into the evening and, as the client says below: “…… take my simple ideas and make them happen, brilliantly.” In this case, the event was based on “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!”

Our Themed Event Delivered a Superb Day

The event took place at the excellent Belton Woods Hotel, near Grantham in Lincolnshire. After initial planning meetings, the theme we decided on was an “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here” style of event. The event started in the afternoon where teams were tasked with unravelling the mystery of what happened to Ant & Dec in the outback jungle, following their apparent disappearance.

Delegates had to:

  • Battle with the snake pit and retrieve an antidote for the venom
  • Assemble bush tucker transport vehicles
  • Search for yellow stars in the Lincolnshire ‘outback’ using sounds of the jungle for guidance
  • Toss an egg as far as they could out of the jungle camp for the Grand Finale

In the evening, the delegates were treated to an outback themed room where dinner was served under a jungle canopy with snakes and trees adorning the Oak Suite at Belton Woods.

Themed Event
I’m a Celebrity – get me out of here!

The highlight of the evening was a Bush Tucker quiz that culminated in a dunk tank test of nerve, as blindfolded contestants had to identify various objects that had been hidden in the  gloop – from fresh squid to wigs and crab claws. Gherkins masquerading as sawn-off fingers providing a fitting climax to a thoroughly enjoyable day.

As you can see, we always aim to make sure our themed events are as authentic as possible.

Themed Event

Here’s what the Client had to say

“Hi Paul

I hope you are well. This is a belated thank you for yet another fantastic themed event by Bright Vision and lead amazingly by yourself. It was a great event and the evening was a lot of fun.  The room and theming was stunning!  It’s hard to put into words as a simple thank you doesn’t justify your efforts. Nothing shines quite as bright as Bright Vision eh!

 Your whole team were great so please do pass on my thanks to Halinka- lovely to meet her at last. A big shout out to Tony (IT/Sounds guru) who was “first class” throughout the day. Little things like the change of outfits to match the theme didn’t go unnoticed. I often think you can evaluate an event by looking at how my colleagues and yours interact – and it certainly felt as if we were all one team. 

I hope you managed to enjoy it too. It’s a pleasure to work with you as always and I truly mean that.  You take my simple ideas and make them happen, brilliantly.”

Best wishes.

Sharon Giblett (Event Coordinator for Edmond Shipway LLP)

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