Testimonial from UKLA for our Virtual Conference Management Services

Virtual Conference Management Services

“You have enriched the conference through the professional way in which you have showcased our work.”

This testimonial is from UKLA, the UK Literary Association, who used our virtual conference management services and Live Streaming Platform for their annual conference in July this year. This is what they had to say:

Virtual Conference Management Services

“Dear Ben and team,

I just want to thank you so much for all your support over the UKLA conference. The decision to opt for your ‘platform’ was the best decision we could have made as you have enriched the conference through the professional way in which you have showcased our work.

I’d like to thank Oli, Jon and Tom as well who have been the calmest and most wonderful people in the green room, supporting a range of keynotes and symposium speakers. Their clear directions and unflappable nature ensured every presenter got the best experience! 

Ben, you have just been amazing over the whole year we have been talking about the conference. I am truly thankful to you and your team. I cannot think how it could have gone any better.

The feedback on social media has been amazing and I have had lots of e-mails mentioning the platform as key to their enjoyment. I hope we can work together in the future as it has just been stunning!”

 All the best,


The Details of this Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference Management Services

UKLA is a registered charity based in the United Kingdom which aims to promote good practice and raise standards in literacy. They approached us to manage and produce their 2021 conference, a 3-day event for 300 people around the globe from 2nd – 4th July 2021 (plus another 2 full test days with the presenters).

The logistics of the event (and, of course, Covid-19) meant that the obvious choice was a virtual conference using Bright Vision Events’ Live Streaming Platform. Planning for such a large, full and prestigious event started 12 months ago, with the following key elements all hosted on the live platform:

  • 30 ‘live’ presenters were on the on the main stage mixed in with pre-recorded content
  • 150+ breakout sessions across 10 breakout rooms
  • A crew of 5 was required to deliver the event smoothly and successfully

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