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Testimonial: Our Creative Team Building Activities Made a Real Difference to NWF Fuels’ Conference

NWF Fuels, one of the largest distributors of fuel and oil to domestic, commercial, agricultural and retail customers in the UK, had already booked and planned their major company conference at the Nailcote Hall Hotel, Berkswell, for October 2018. However, they needed something else for the event – creative team building activities – so they contacted us.

The brief asked for team building activities on the afternoon of the conference that addressed the soft skills that the company wished to focus on: communication, decision making and collaboration – but all in a creative, fun and light-hearted manner that retained an element of competitiveness. Our team took up the challenge and got to work.

The Client Was Delighted with Our Work

As the testimonial below shows, the client was delighted, not least because in the past their experience had been that team building activities had sometimes not been met with ‘total’ enthusiasm!

“Morning Paul,

I can honestly say everyone enjoyed themselves and had loads of fun. We had such positive feedback and it certainly got everyone involved and energised. You and your team were fantastic. It’s always the case when team building activities are mentioned everyone groans but you certainly proved them wrong.

Wishing you and all at Bright Vision continued success.”

Sonia, NWF Fuels

‘Picture Perfect’ and ‘Outside the Box’ Were the Two Activities Chosen

We have well over a dozen indoor team building activities fully developed and ready to go for clients, and we will always add bespoke twists to really make sure the client gets what they need. NWF chose Picture Perfect and Outside the Box.

6 teams were chosen and the event started with the classic communication challenge, Picture Perfect. As always, this led to some entertaining results as the teams worked together to create pictures that closely resembled the masterpieces they were copying.

This set the scene for the Outside The Box activity that followed. This event requires teams to first work out how to open a box, inside which their tasks and challenges are hidden. Once that hurdle was overcome, the teams got thoroughly involved in the creative, logical and physical team building challenges they were faced with.

Creative Team Building Activities
Picture Perfect – In Action!!

The tempo increased as the activity approached its conclusion, with fun money being earned at a prodigious rate as challenges were overcome.  The energy and enthusiasm of the teams was a sight to behold, before a thoroughly deserved winning team made it over the line.

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