Corporate Team Building Events for Computacenter’s Inductees

The Computacenter teams get ready

Testimonial from a Delighted Client

Corporate team building events are an important part of our business, so it is always good to receive a testimonial from a happy client, as in this case from Computacenter, the leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services.

We were tasked by Computacenter to run corporate team building events for their new inductees. As a returning client, they knew that they wanted our Labyrinth team building activity to be the focus for the day, which was booked to take place at the wonderful Coombe Abbey hotel, near Coventry.

The event took place on a beautiful sunny day, and the client had this to say about how well things went:

“Thanks again Paul. The afternoon went down really well, and we appreciate how engaging and fun you make it for everyone! Hopefully we will be in touch again in the future.”

We are particularly pleased with their comment about being in touch again in the future, which is the true test of a satisfied client.

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About the Labyrinth Team Building Event

The Labyrinth is one of our most popular team building events, working well indoors and outdoors. It is a collective name for a series of 30-minute physical and intellectual challenges, aimed at team building with an emphasis on fun and problem solving rather than physical exertion.

Corporate Team Building Events
The green team making progress!

Clients can select from a wide range of challenges, which means that each Labyrinth programme is different and tailored to the client’s requirements. Some of the more popular challenges to choose from are:

  • Snake Pit
  • Picture Perfect
  • The Great Escape
  • Relocation
  • Missing Spy
  • Blindfold
  • The Great Egg Launch

The Day was a Great Success

This was the latest in a series of team building events that Bright Vision has run for Computacenter over the past few years, and once again the weather was superb.  With previous participants to bench mark progress against, it was soon clear that this group was equally as industrious and skilled at working together effectively as teams in solving the challenges as their predecessors.

As the client pointed out, this year’s group might not have been quite as revolutionary as the group from last year that brought a whole new meaning as to how to retrieve the antidote from the snake guarded pit and also developed a most unusual way of constructing a Chariot from the component parts supplied. Our on-site Event Managers are still scratching their heads as to whether it was within the rules or not!

Corporate Team Building Events
The red team nearly ready to go

However, this year’s group did produce one of the best egg launches ever during the Great Egg Launch. They managed to launch an egg so far and effectively, that it was only when it landed over 60 metres away that anyone realised where it had gone. This produced much laughter and high fives from the team.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all taking part, even though the dismantling of the egg launch kits took an extraordinarily long time thanks to the miles of masking tape that had been used in the set-up. But then again, that’s all part of a team building event too.

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