Conference Organisers for Sensitive Information? No Problem

Testimonial from a delighted client: “The Management and other partners were all incredibly impressed with the event and its management from your side.”

On many occasions, we have organised conferences for clients that involve sensitive information. It might be the briefing launch of a new brand, for example, or a key strategic policy project. We know the sensitivities involved for such events and are always ready to sign the necessary Non-Disclosure Agreements as the conference organisers, no matter how extensive they are. For us, it is always about delivering the best possible conference no matter what the restrictions. Ultimately, it is simply about getting on with the job.

The details of this conference

This particular event was a very high-profile conference, with some very notable guests. This meant we had to be spot on with what we provided and the timings we adhered to.

The location was the wonderful Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich – a stunning and iconic venue, which presented its own challenges to overcome in terms of setting up and breaking down the set due to its its age, heritage and shape.


There was a huge list of rules we had to abide to, which made some things restrictive and difficult when it came to set up. This added complexity and we had to work around these problems to find solutions. This resulted in very tight set up times and meant we needed a large number of crew to ensure that everything was ready on time.

The conference was for 300 people and took place in July 2022. It required a technical crew of 11 to deliver the live conference on the day, along with a show caller and a producer. In addition, a crew of 12 was needed for setting the conference up and breaking it down again.

The Audio-Visual Solution

Getting the lighting and audio right was critical to ensure we made the most of the absolutely incredible Painted Room, whilst being able to overcome the challenges it presented. We achieved this by:

  • The stage wash was provided by 8 x LED light fixtures.
  • The key painted wall was made a feature of by using 6 x LED flood lights and we added colour to the space with 60 wireless up-lighters.
  • Video was a particular challenge, as we could not project due to the massive windows, plus with ambient light also being a concern, we could not use an LED videowall due to weight restrictions. We opted for a solution that required a number of LED screens on stands, 2 x 105″ and 4 x 75″.
  • The impressive steps at one end of the room meant we actually had 2 presenting positions for presenters. A single lectern stage centre or from a series of chairs positioned behind. This meant we had to have 6 comfort monitors to ensure wherever presenters stood/sat they could see the current slide, notes and timing screens.
  • All content was controlled via a 4k matrix switcher and 6 laptops.
  • There were 3 different camera positions which ensured there was a variety of live camera shots to choose from if required.
  • Sound was also difficult due to the acoustic conditions in the room: very high ceilings, a marble floor and very little in the way of soft furnishings. This meant we needed a large number of speakers and a very clever delay set up, featuring 4 sub speakers and 18 front of house speakers.
  • We also had 4 monitor speakers set up so that the presenters could hear all the microphones without distortion.
  • A 10-way radio microphone kit was onsite all using dedicated and private radio channels to ensure security.
  • 2 fixed lectern microphones provided a back-up if required.

The Client was delighted

This sort of client feedback is what makes everything worthwhile:

“What I do for the organisation in terms of events is an annual thing and you will be top of my list for next year, if you will have us back!

The Management and our other partners were all incredibly impressed with the event and its management from your side, so I really do hope that leads to new business opportunities. I have a feeling each time will be going bigger with the next round of engagements to match the event you’ve just provided which over-delivered on our expectations.

I do hope we get to work together in the future. Have a great weekend and thank you again to you and your team for such a great day.”

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