Our conference production company services bring you creativity, technical expertise and on-time delivery.

Whether you need just one of our conference production services, such as a PA system and projector, or something more substantial, from the full technical specification of a memorable set build, lighting display and special effects show right up to full conference management and theming, you’ll find that Bright Vision Events has the skills and experience to deliver what you want, exceptionally.

As a conference production company, we bring together technical and creative expertise with the necessary logistical and operational requirements. This means that our ability to deliver an outstanding conference production is second to none. Click here to read some testimonials and see what our clients think.

Our conference production company services include:

  • Set Design & Construction.

Depending on the size of your room and audience, you could choose from one large screen – or any combination of multi screens – to ensure that your message is seen by all. The set design is only restricted by your imagination and can be fully personalised and branded for your conference. We will provide 3D visuals so you can see exactly what the set and stage will look like before arriving on site. The stage can be designed to accommodate any number of speakers, enabling on-stage presentations to be at a height that ensures that your delegates will miss nothing.

  • Audio Visual Support.

To ensure that your important messages reach your audience we will provide you with a high quality professional sound package to meet your requirements, tailoring to the acoustics of your room. Using state-of-the art projectors and LED screens, we will make certain your slides, videos and live footage reaches your audience in the highest possible resolution, ensuring that your messages come across clearly. If the venue is big enough you could have back projection. Alternatively, we can rig the projectors from a truss, or use ceiling hanging points if available.

  • CAD Drawings

We’ve recently invested in a state of the art 2D CAD drawing software package. This means we can produce accurate and detailed drawings of what goes where and how it all fits in right at the start of the conference production process. Click here for more details.

  • Creative Lighting Design.

Effective lighting will help highlight your speakers, the stage and the branding. The addition of intelligent lighting gives that “wow factor” to make your conference the most memorable yet. We can create personalised gobos for you to include your logo or conference strap line. These provide a multi-coloured moving image that can be projected onto the stage, ceiling or even the floor. This creates a truly stunning entrance for your delegates.

  • Technical Support and Content Creation.

We will appoint a dedicated team of specialist technicians. They will work with you and provide a slick and professional production, including any pre-event content production. We will work closely with you to ensure that everything is ready and tested well in advance.

  • Conference Theming.  

Theming, branding and personalisation using props, backdrops, lights and projectors transform your conference or event into something truly spectacular. We can transform a warehouse into a palace or a conference room into an Arabian souk. Whatever suits you.

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Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 if you are planning a conference and would like to talk to us to find out more about our conference production services. If you’re planning on adding in some team building activities or evening themed events as part of your conference, we can help too.

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