Virtually in the Casino

Virtual Team Building for up to Hundreds of Guests

From Blackjack, Three-Card Poker to Texas Hold Em’ Poker, our casino games are great for virtual team building, as well as networking and connecting guests, around the world. You can entertain hundreds of guests with multiple breakout rooms. 

Upon joining the virtual table, each player will have their chips and digital name presented on the table. With years of experience in events, our professional croupier will explain the proceedings of the evening and rules of the game(s). Players then have the allocated time to accumulate as many chips as possible in the hope of winning the game.

Want to impress those guests? Customise your table with the names of your guests and add croupier backgrounds and even a logo or image of your choice. With the personalisation of your own bespoke event, your guests will, importantly, experience the virtual togetherness they are used to during face-to-face events. 

Each table can host up to 15 guests, other than Poker which has a maximum of 9 at the table.

Talk to us About In the Casino for Virtual Team Building

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