Virtual Team Building - Outside The Box

A Focus on Negotiation, Time Management, Cooperation, Planning and Communication

Bright Vision Events’ Outside the Box has been designed specifically to highlight the importance of individuals and teams recognising the value and benefits of communication and working together as one force. This virtual team building event highlights and draws on some key team dynamics, including: negotiation, time management, cooperation, planning and communication.

In our virtual version we provide you with the basic props and equipment you need direct to your home. However, you simply won’t know what on earth to do with the kit provided until we tell you!

Hosted by a live compere, we get all of your team in a chat room or a number of breakout rooms virtually. We brief all teams and then provide all instructions. An event manager is with you live throughout the process as your team battles against the clock and against other teams to complete as many tasks as possible.

The programme provides “something for everyone”, which is ideal as some challenges are focused on team tasks and others on individual performance. The overall activity demonstrates the advantages of team communication, utilising a mix of fun, teamwork and unusual activities – all scored on a “qualitative” basis.

The tasks fall into sub-categories; Creative, Performance-related & Mental agility. This event is all inclusive and has something for everyone.

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