Outdoor Team Building Activity - Wacky Races

It’s a Pedal Kart Spectacular!

Do you remember Dick Dastardly, Muttley & Penelope Pitstop? Well here’s your chance to re-enact the plot as you attempt – in teams – to race each other “around the globe” to become the “World’s Wackiest Racer”, in our outdoor team building pedal kart spectacular.

Outdoor Team Building
It’s competitive, all right

This challenge involves the teams racing, a full-sized pedal powered kart. Each kart has a solid frame onto which the teams have to fix all the necessary components and details, including the all–important sidekick!

Outdoor Team Building Activity
Taking the chequered flag

In addition, these karts need to look as much like the original vehicles as possible (e.g. the Boulder Mobile, Creepy Coupe, Compact Pussycat and Mean Machine). The closer the vehicles look to the originals, and the closer the drivers look like the original costumed characters the further up the track they will start.  But beware, lap penalties will be added for any infringements of the rules. Drat, drat & double drat!!!!

Outdoor Team Building Activity
Celebrating victory

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