Outdoor Team Building Activity - A Hard Day's Knight

In Hard Day’s Knight, we challenge each “band of brothers” to earn more “groats” than the rest by competing in a multi-activity day with a medieval flavour. As the pennants flutter & flags fly, each band meets the others in “mortal” competition through a series of carefully selected activities, culminating in a head-to-head Grand Finale between all teams.

A variation on this is our Knight School! Suitable where everyone(whether you can ride or not) will be taught basic jousting skills and mounted games, have your own coat of arms, learn basic choreographed fights and even earn the title of “Company Robin Hood” by splitting the arrow!

Contact us for A Hard Day’s Knight Outdoor Team Building Activity

So, if you are looking for an exceptional outdoor team building event, and you like the sound of A Hard Day’s Knight, contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial discussion.

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