Indoor Team Building Activity - Money, Money Money

Money, Money, Money is a very popular “something for everyone” event mixing fun and a light level of competition. Teams are required to make as much ‘fun money’ as possible by completing a wide selection of challenges. The team can do as many as they like, in any order, but everything is scored on a qualitative basis.

The tasks loosely fall into 4 categories:

  • Performance-related
  • Creative
  • Mental agility
  • Physical

Some tasks require a few members or all of the team, whilst others require co-operation or competition with other teams. In this way, each guest gets to work with the maximum number of people in the room, facilitating the team building process.

As time progresses, each team tends to work faster and more frantically to get as much money as they can – and of course, the best teams will be those who are working most efficiently in utilising their resources, planning, communication, resource management, decision-making, problem-solving, negotiation and time management.

Contact us for our Money Money Money Team Building Event

So, if you are looking for an exceptional indoor team building event, and you like the sound of Money, Money, Money, contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial discussion.

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