Whilst Compton Police department was on furlough Inspector Frost started looking back through some old cold cases and there is one case he cannot crack.

A few months ago a body was discovered following a local high-end dinner party, with eight suspects and no leads, Inspector Frost needs you.

Can you solve the case?

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Crime Scene

Key Information

Only one person can be in each Row or Column.

Whoever is in the victim’s room is the murderer.

There is NO empty room.

The Victim will be in the last possible space.

Participants in breakout rooms can request help or ask questions by clicking “Ask for Help.” On your Zoom Screen.

Can you solve the Case?


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#1. In what room was “The Lady in Red”?

#2. Who was the unnamed female in the room with Harriet?

#3. Who was the suspicious Man staring out of the window?


#4. In what room did the Murder take place?

#5. Who was the Murderer?


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