Missing Treasure

The London Geographical Society have sent you as part of expeditionary force to unearth the mystery surrounding the 1894 expedition that disappeared when in search of the lost gold of the Incas.

You find yourself in a remote part of the Amazon Rain Forest between several local tribes, with just a historical diary can you solve this mystery and finally find the hidden gold?

Solve the lost gold of the Incas mystery

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Key Information

The number of the vertical grid line on the left side of the grid square is the first and second digits of the coordinates.

The number of the horizontal grid line on the bottom of the grid square is the third and fourth digits of the coordinates.

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Solve the lost gold of the Incas mystery.


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#1. In which four digit grid reference would you find the Kernow Tribe?

#2. Which tribe resided in grid reference 1745?

#3. In which four-digit grid reference would you find the Prideau Tribe?

#4. Which Tribe is located just due south of the island’s smallest lake?

#5. What is the four-digit Grid Reference where the Inca Gold can be discovered?


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