Our Spy is Missing


*** 007 is missing ***

***Help Required***


Help us to trace Bond

Download your files

Agency Issue Map

Event Briefing

MI5 Communication

Equipment List

Key Information

Use the internal communications which contain sightings of Bond to track down his movements and locations.

These documents will give an insight to what equipment bond was using on each mission.

Each Leg starts from the previous destination, you must input the location Bond travelled to during that legs journey.

Input the spelling of each location as shown on the agency issue map.

Participants in breakout rooms can request help or ask questions by clicking “Ask for Help.” On your Zoom Screen.

Help us to trace Bond (Phase 1)


Well done – you have answered all questions correctly and can now move onto testing your knowledge of Legs 4-6 of Bond’s journey.  

Please click here to access the next section of Our Spy is Missing – Legs 4-6.

Sorry – not all answers are correct. You must answer all questions correctly in order to proceed to the next section. Scroll down and check your answers to find out which questions you answered incorrectly.

Once you are ready to try again click the button above.

#1. Bond left London and went to?

#2. Equipment Used?

#3. Where did Bond end up on the 2nd leg of his journey?

#4. Equipment Used on Leg 2?

#5. Where did Bond end up on the 3rd leg of his journey?

#6. Equipment Used on Leg 3?


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