Labyrinth Introduction

Welcome to wonderful world of The Labyrinth.

An online, virtual experience consisting of various challenges that we hope will put you through your paces and test that grey matter. The event will be challenging, entertaining and dare we even say it…. FUN.

To get through the challenges you will be in teams and you will need to work together, communicate, collaborate whilst making good use of your time & resources.

Good Luck.

Todays Challenges

Missing Treasure


Viral Alert

Great Escape

Our Spy is Missing

Key Information

Your Breakout Room will become your team.

Once a challenge is complete you will not need to return to the page or use any of the documents again.

Participants in breakout rooms can request help or ask questions by clicking “Ask for Help.” On your Zoom Screen.

Have Fun.

Input the 4 Digit Code to Enter the Game


Well done – you have answered all questions correctly and can now move onto the next section.

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Sorry – not all answers are correct. You must answer all questions correctly in order to proceed to the next section. Scroll down and check your answers to find out which questions you answered incorrectly.

Once you are ready to try again click the button above.

#1. First Digit: Thrice of me is twice a dozen.

#2. Second Digit: See how they run.

#3. Third Digit: Discover this number in a ‘loose vent’

#4. Fourth Digit: The number shared by the host.


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