How to Plan the Perfect Company Christmas Party: 6 Key Tips

It’s Time to Start Planning Your Christmas Party

While it may still feel a while off, Christmas is certainly coming. It may only be early September, but darker nights are already closing in. Now is the time to look forward and begin planning those festive celebrations for the company Christmas party.

Company Christmas Party
Winter Wonderland Theming

As a
corporate event specialist, we know that planning a Christmas party or event is
often a daunting task: time consuming and stressful even for the well organised.
There is a lot that can go wrong, so, here are 6 key tips to think about to set
you in the right direction.

1. Set Your Budget

As with organising
any event, the first thing you will need to do is set yourself a clear and
sensible budget to work within, then decide what areas are most important for
spending that budget.

Is it the venue, the fancy food or the entertainment, maybe even a free bar? Deciding this early in the process will help to manage expectations and make sure you that you get the best value for your money.

2. Who to invite?

You will
need to decide who will be invited to your company Christmas party as this may affect
everything else that you plan. It can be a tricky area as you will want to make
sure you don’t forget or offend anybody.

Are you inviting
the whole company? Should you invite partners along? Should you go as far as
inviting children?

This will
depend on the time and date your event is taking place, as well as the budget,
of course. Importantly, your decision will also be influenced by how well you know
your colleagues, what their expectations are, and who they may or may not appreciate
being invited to their party.

Remember, whatever you decide you will want to get the invitations out as soon as possible. After all December is a busy month for everybody, and diaries fill up quickly.

3. Date & Time?

companies will opt for an event in the second or third week of December, on a Friday
or Saturday.  But will these dates suit
everybody? Does your event need to be an evening party, or could you host a
Christmas Lunch during the day? It’s worth knowing that Christmas Events are
usually in full swing from mid-end of November with some venues even offering
dates into the New Year, so there is more flexibility on dates than you might
initially think.

The key will be to find a date and time that will achieve maximum attendance for your party.

4. Where?

Do not underestimate the importance of the venue and location for your Christmas Party. When making your choice, perhaps think back to the last time your company was all together outside the office. Did the venue go down well? What did you learn for choosing future venues? Venues can offer everything from a blank canvas to a full event package so choosing the right one for your company is critical.

Company Christmas Party
Christmas Tree Theme

Do you want
somewhere local, so people have a quick ride home or somewhere that offers
accommodation? Is it convenience or a picturesque setting that will help decide
the venue?

If you are struggling to find the right venue, please do get in touch as we have knowledge both local and nationally and even offer a free venue finding service. Once again, the sooner you make your mind up, the more likely you are to get the venue you want.

5. Theme & Entertainment

The biggest
question you will hear in the build up to the party will be… What do I wear?

If you have
a theme, that will help people make their minds up straight away, as well as
generating some fun and excitement. From formal to smart casual and all the
fancy themes in between, making sure you have a theme set as early as possible will
help your guests plan and prepare accordingly.

Once you have a theme you can plan your entertainment. Other than the alcohol what will get people going? A DJ? A Band? Or even a Quiz? Why not check out our Evening Entertainment range for inspiration?

6. Food & Drink

Whilst everyone loves a good Christmas dinner – roast Turkey with all the trimmings – do they love 4 or 5 of them? By the time Christmas Day arrives that is usually how many people have had, which is too much of a good thing.

Company Christmas Party
Christmas Table Centres

yourself if people want a choice of something different and whether they
looking for something fancy or simple? Do you have dietary requirements to consider?
And is sitting down for the formal meal the best thing or is a buffet more

Drink is
often the one thing on everybody’s mind come the Christmas party, but should
you provide all the drinks? Should you provide any at all? Again, this depends
on the budget and the type of evening you are looking to deliver.

If you just
want to offer everyone a couple of festive drinks, and not have people take
advantage, then tokens are always a good option.

Talk to us About Your Company Christmas Party

For more information on how to organise that perfect company Christmas party, or to have someone take the stress off your hands, please contact the team at Bright Vision Events or call us on 01295 770933 for a free initial chat. Our event specialists can help guide you along the way, from simply helping you find the right venue to planning the whole event for you as well as managing it on the day.