Bright Vision Events – The New Name for M&MR

Bright Vision Events (corporate event management specialist) is the new name for M&MR, or Motivation and Marketing Resources Limited, to use its full name.

M&MR was founded over 25 years ago, to deliver exceptional corporate event management to its clients. Exactly the same aim as Bright Vision has today, so why the change of name, logo and, of course, this new website? After all, Bright Vision (like M&MR) is still a live event specialist and we’ve still got some of the best events people in the industry dedicated to delivering effective and engaging events.

Bright Vision – our new name shows we have evolved as a company

We felt that M&MR – Motivation and Marketing Resources – no longer communicated what we do as a company as effectively as it once did. We still design and deliver corporate event management of course, but we have a greater range of services, having added exhibitions, evening events, themed events and a wider range of activities to our original core offering of conferences/corporate events and team building.

More importantly, perhaps, in a fast moving and highly competitive market place, clients have increasingly demanded new and fresh ideas for their events with greater creativity. As our Managing Director, Robin Winter says:

“ Our offering has also evolved to deliver the requirement for more ideas and greater creativity to the stage where we felt that our name needed to truly reflect what we do. The time was right and so we are now Bright Vision Events.”

So, to all of our valued and loyal clients who have been with us for many years, Bright Vision is still the same company as M&MR, but the new name tells our story more accurately both now and into the future. Click here to read some of our testimonials.

Contact Bright Vision for an Exceptional Event

For Conferences, Exhibitions, Team Building, Activities, Evening Events or Themed Events, simply call us on 01295 770933 or contact us and our team will be happy to meet you at your offices.