Live Studio Streaming

Virtual Conferences from a Live ‘TV’ Studio

Taking the next step up from a purely remote event where we rely on presenters webcams and laptop mics. We provide a professional high end production using all of our state of the art equipment bringing all of your key presenters to one location and streaming your event from a ‘TV Studio’ environment. Having us onsite with our equipment, crew, knowledge and experience allows us to really improve the production values of the event creating an even better experience for your audience.

We can still have some presenters hosting sessions remotely in addition to those live with us in the studio but this route gives a much more authentic and real event with key host and presenters actually delivering their message in a professional studio environment. We can even put your presenting team in a virtual environment!

All typical conference equipment is provided for presenters who can use slides, videos, voting apps and we can control and mix what the audience sees live creating a more engaging event. The audience has a number of ways to interact with the presenters and ask questions using the built-in on the microsite. From live chat, polling, Q&A, reactions and word clouds to name just a few.

As with all of our productions whether face to face or virtual, our team of professional and experienced technicians offer all the technical support you need to ensure a smooth and professional result, that off the shelf collaborative tools cannot match.

The Live Studio Typically Includes:

  • 4 x Broadcast 4K cameras on tripods, with the option of remote PTZ cameras
  • Branded graphic backdrop, green screen or virtual environment
  • Studio Lighting
  • Microphones for presenters and digital audio mixer
  • Vision mixing of all cameras, slides and videos
  • Comfort monitors so presenters can show content, next slide, notes and timing
  • Primary and secondary encoder on our platform plus 5G router as back up
  • Crew – Producers, Show Callers, Sound and Lighting Engineers, Vision Mixers, Camera Crew and Remote Presenter Operators
  • VOIP phone line on web page for technical support
  • Virtual clicker (slide advance etc…)
  • Pre-production support
  • Branded microsite package

Contact us About Live Studio Streaming

Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 to talk to us about our live virtual studio conferences. We’ve got everything covered and ready to go.

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